Oct. 6, 2022

Remember...putting on a new pair of Shoes?

Remember...putting on a new pair of Shoes?

I was able to interview @maggie Hesketh this morning of @First Day Shoe Fund.  Portions of contributions from Zeigler's Drive for Life Charity Gala last month go to First Day Shoe fund.  This week is their "Shoe fitting."  Volunteers visit schools and match requested shoes up with the recipient kids.  This episode made a HUGE impact on me today.

Do you remember what it felt like to get a new pair of shoes as a kid?  For some reason, during the interview, that memory/sense returned for me.  There was nothing quite like putting on a new pair of shoes as a kid.  Why is that?  Maybe I was super tough on shoes as a kid.  Maybe it was because my family couldn't afford multiple pairs as we grew up...so, new shoes arrived long after they were needed.  I distinctly recall taking off old, worn out, ill fitting shoes and putting on something new...that smelled good...that fit well...that had no holes and a complete sole.    That memory connects me even more to First Day Shoe Fund's purpose...give children in need that new pair of shoes. 

Check out their website. firstdayshoefund.org  Donate time and/or money, if you can.  Your heart will melt at the photos of beaming kids donning new shoes.  I hope you remember that feel of new shoes...just like I did this morning.  The Driving Vision Podcast episode featuring Maggie, @Matt Thomas, and @Hilary Gumbis goes live this Monday.  https://www.firstdayshoefund.org First Day Shoe Fund Facebook Page