Nov. 7, 2022

Driving Health & Fitness through Strong Community | EP42

Driving Health & Fitness through Strong Community | EP42

Ariah Daniels, Lindsey Rawert, and Madison share how their healthy community provides support, motivation, and progress toward their goals of health and wellness. Learn Ariah, Lindsey, and Madison's journeys to greater health and how Beach Body has provi

Learn how Ariah Daniels, Lindsey Rawert, and Madison have progressed toward greater health by supporting each other through the strong Beach Body community.  Ariah, Lindsey, and Madison share tips to starting the journey, remaining on the path, and different forums similar to Beach Body including Zeigler-sponsored AM Wellness, and the Zeigler Auto Group Facebook community group.

How are you driving vision, today?

-Sam D'Arc

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Lindsey Rawert

Wellness & Mindset Coach, Yoga/Cycle Instructor, Inter

I am a Mama of two, an online Wellness and Mindset Coach, a yoga/cycle instructor, and an Intervention Specialist for Elementary Academics. As your Coach, I work with to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help. I am originally from Northwest Michigan, born and raised, (Western Michigan University Alum - Go Broncos!) , and now live in Southern Indiana (about 20 minutes from Louisville, KY) ! I have been on my wellness journey for 5 years now and LOVE sharing the journey with others! Please make sure to reach out via email or social media to let me know a little about you and I can share more about how I can meet you right where you are at with your health and wellness goals!

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Health and Wellness Coach

I am a mama of three beautiful kiddos 5 and under with one baby on the way. I am on a mission to inspire other mamas to show up and be their true authentic self. I am a part time dental hygienist and would love to connect with you!

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Ariah Daniels

Culture and Talent Development, Zeigler Auto Group

With over 15 years at Zeigler Auto Group, Ariah’s career started as a part-time position while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene; Graduating IU in 2012. After graduating, it became apparent that her passion in wanting to learn and grow more within Zeigler exceeded her initial interest in the dental field. Ariah has a passion for leadership with a proven track record of cultivating individual success within her current role in Culture and Talent Development within the Auto Group. Ariah brings her abundance of sales, marketing, and recruiting knowledge everywhere she goes and understands what it takes to build Zeigler’s Winning Culture. You will find Ariah leading the many levels of Training and Development classes within Zeigler University, playing an integral role as a member of the Champion Task Force and driving health and wellness initiatives for Team Zeigler. As a proud recipient of the Zeigler PRIDE Award, Ariah’s passion for capitalizing on peoples’ individual skills and potential brings out the best in her. She is a true ambassador for healthy living and loves challenging others mindsets to become the absolute best version of themselves in all facets of life. She is an enthusiast of all things including traveling, hiking, biking, kayaking, golfing, woodworking, and fitness and enjoys spending time with her family and friends!